-"for the love of LIGHT AND THOSE WHO LIVE IN IT"...

Chris' Grandfather was the famous photographer Bertil Höder, one of Europé’s first pressphotographers. He spent a significant part of his childhood in his Grandfather’s darkroom, following one rule: -"Do NOT open the door!”

One day his Grandfather gave him one of his Nikon cameras. From that day the photography became a major part of his life. Today he has become known for his Fine Art Photography. He has more than 100000 followers on Instagram from all over the world.

The photos are often recognized by the light and mystic and sometimes raw style with a philosophical touch as well as the fact that there is often something “alive” in the pictures that captures the eyes of the audience.

Chris' international work has brought him to many places around the world where he has been working with people from Neil Armstrong to Jeff Bezos. This has sometimes given the opportunity to unique pictures in very odd environments.

In March 2020 Chris Engleus was appointed Lord of Scotland and The British Empire.

-”A Photo should be an experience, which either make us engaged in an important cause or bring us harmony and happiness”.

Chris engleus

Text by P.L.